Why visit an osteopath

Treat your body to the TLC it deserves if any of these are familiar:

Why visit an Osteopath

  1.  You experience a dull, nagging low back ache in your day-to-day activities.

  2. When you get up after sitting some joints feel stiff and achy (you just feel ‘old’).

  3. backwhitevestYou have injured yourself.

  4.  You get regular headaches.

  5. Your neck and shoulders ache when you’re at your desk.

  6. You have RSI (repetitive strain injury).

  7. “Everything aches”.

  8. Pregnancy related back and pelvic pain, including PSD.

  9. You got a sharp ‘shock-like’ pain in your low back or buttock.

  10. None of the above but you just want your posture assessed and corrected, to keep you ‘in line’.

For more information and an initial telephone consultation please contact me on
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