Hip or Knee pain

There are many structures in the hip and knee that could cause pain and could be anything from a simple muscle imbalance to joint inflammation and arthritis or as a result of dysfunction at other joints. Hip or knee pain can be debilitating and if left untreated could leave a permanent dysfunction which could lead to nagging back pain as a result of postural compensation, even from having the slightest limp.

Hip or Groin Pain/Arthritis

The hip is commonly affected by osteoarthritis (wear and tear), however the first signs of hip arthritis is often knee pain. Another common reason for hip pain is muscle imbalance in the muscles moving the hip, i.e. the muscles that turn the hip out are stronger than those that turn it in.  The hip affects the knee and visa versa therefore in hip or knee pain the hip and knee are addressed together.

Knee Pain

running smallYour knee is a complex joint and there are many structures in your knee that may cause pain, i.e. cartilage, cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments, menisci, bursae (fluid filled sacks), capsule (the membrane surrounding the joint), muscle and bone. There are also many different mechanisms causing a knee injury, such as – falling onto your knee, bad tackle, football injury, osteoarthritis, twisting your knee, instability, and the list can continue.
Hip or knee pain can be very debilitating and affect daily activities.

Osteopathic articulation and soft tissue techniques can help reduce hip or knee pain, improve the range of movement and help you return to daily activity and sport.

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